Dad’s Club

 Dads Club

Upcoming Events

1st Annual ASE PTA Chili Cook-off 

Organized by Dads Club

Date: April 14, 2018

Time: 11am to 1pm

Venue: ASE Cafeteria

Chili lovers, Cook your best Chili and win exciting prizes. Please fill out the Participation Form

Deadline to submit participation forms is April 08
For more questions, please email Dad’s Club Chair

Mehul Parikh @ Dipul Patel @



Calling all Dad’s to support ASE PTA and their events!!!

A dad’s involvement in PTA benefits your child the most:

♦ Shows added interest in his child’s education and school activities

♦ Shows greater support for his child’s teachers and school

♦ Improves relationships between parents and school personnel

We need stronger helping hands to build stronger PTA to benefit our newly built Anne Sullivan Elementary School. Join today!!

Submit your Dad’s club volunteer interest form  and we will keep you updated with Dad’s club news and events.

Registration fee for the club is $10.55. You can now become member online!!

Visit Dad’s club store to register. Also look for Dad’s club t-shirt to purchase!!!

For more questions, please email Dad’s club Chair

Mehul Parikh @

Dipul Patel @