Dalmatian Nation Drive

Dalmatian Nation Drive

Dear Anne Sullivan Family,

As the 2016-2017 school year begins, the PTA is pleased to welcome all families to our remarkable school. Anne Sullivan Elementary provides a nurturing atmosphere where academic, social and emotional development is at a maximum. This is made possible by the dedication of our staff the tireless effort of our parent community.

ASE is a public school that prides itself on having an overall educational curriculum that rivals any private school, anywhere. Excellence is a standard we as parents have come to expect from this exemplary school. In order to maintain this standard of excellence, it is crucial to have financial resources beyond the amount received by the District.

ASE PTA is dedicated to developing a close relationship between home and school so that parents and teachers can continue to work together to provide the very best education and environment for our children. The PTA, through generous donations of ASE parents, provides and funds many programs and services for our school that would not otherwise exist.

As we open up our new school, we made the decision to streamline the fundraising process through Dalmatian Nation Drive to replace product sales by students. The Dalmatian Nation Drive allows each ASE family to donate money directly to the PTA through a tax deductible* contributions instead of having our children sell products door to door. The first annual Dalmatian Nation Drive kicks off NOW!!

The Dalmatian Nation Drive has been chosen for the following reasons:

  • 100% of donations go directly to our PTA with no fees being paid to outside companies (fees can often be 65% of proceeds)
  • Positive feedback from parents, administrators and teachers
  • No door-to-door sales by our children
  • No sales competitions for our children
  • Donations are tax deductible*
  • Donations are eligible for corporate matching companies
  • Dalmatian Nation Drive allows us to redirect volunteer efforts toward classroom and extracurricular support to better serve our students, staff and families.

Your donation to Dalmatian Nation Drive will go directly to the PTA’s operating budget this year, which includes:

  • Field Trip Transportation
  • Grade Level Enrichment Funds
  • Literacy Library
  • Teacher Conference Funds
  • Arts Reflections Program
  • Music, Art and PE Enrichments
  • Math and Science Enrichments
  • Field Day
  • Family Events

As the above list evidences, PTA resources are essential to our children and our school. The PTA’s goal is to raise $40,000 this year through the Dalmatian Nation Drive. Again, these funds will go directly to the items listed above for PTA’s operating budget. A donation of $100 per family amounts to 53.5 cents per school day. While this daily amount seems small, it is amazing what we can accomplish for our children for less than 54 cents per school day. For families who with to donate $100 or more, your contribution will be acknowledged in the school directory. We thank you and appreciate your confidence in our abilities to better this school as a result of your donation. Many families may not be in a position to donate $100. Please do not feel pressure to give more than your finances allow. Any amount, no matter how small will be received graciously and will directly benefit our children’s school.

Please check with your employer regarding company match. There are many employers that will match your donation amount, check with your company’s HR department. Some of the companies that have matched in the past are:

  • Chevron
  • Newfield Exploration
  • Coca Cola
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Fluor
  • BP
  • Conoco-Phillips
  • Exxon-Mobil

Please check under forms for the Dalmatian Nation Drive Form. We need your participation and donations to leave an impressive legacy at ASE. Thank you for your support and generosity. We are looking forward to a fantastic year at ASE and we want you to be a part of it!

If you have any questions regarding Dalmatian Nation Drive, please contact Jennifer Bowlin at 713.594.9416 or email at Jennifer.bowlin@hotmail.com.