Meet the Principal

Donna Whisonant


Donna Whisonant began her career as a fourth-grade educator with the Fort Bend ISD family in 1989. She was born in Bedworth, a small English town in the UK, and emigrated with her family to Marietta, Georgia, at age four. She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, followed by her Master of Education from the University of Houston. Whisonant was named Teacher of the Year in 1999 and she served as English Language Arts Department Chair while teaching in Middle School. She continues her education by participating in administrative professional learning opportunities for school improvement, exhibiting a history of inspiring and shaping the minds of children.

Whisonant realized at a very early age that she wanted to become a teacher. Her faith reinforced her dream that one day she would open a new campus from the ground up. Her determination, hard work and dedication paid off, for now she is working behind the scenes while selecting staff members who will work as a team to provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment for the students of FBISD.

Serving as principal and assistant principal for the past 13 years at Austin Parkway Elementary guaranteed that Whisonant had the vital experience needed to lead the new Anne McCormick Sullivan Elementary in the Riverstone community. She is proud and honored to have been selected as the District’s Elementary Principal of the Year in 2016 and principal for this 21st century state-of-the-art school.

As an educator, Whisonant strives for success and firmly believes that all students have the capacity to learn when they are taught in a positive and caring environment, while encouraging them to become independent learners of the 21st Century. She realized that achievement was the top priority encouraged by strengthening the bonds of respect, responsibility, and relationships with those around her; the students, parents, teachers and community members.

Whisonant lives in Missouri City with her husband, 14-year old daughter, two dogs and two cats; in her spare time she participates in marathons and Ironman sports events.

Donna Whisonant can be reached at