Field Day 2019

Field Day is Friday, May 3, 2019

Many kids consider Field Day “the best day of the year”. It is a special day when all students gather for fun competitions, primarily outside on the “field”. The Anne Sullivan Elementary Field Day is an all-day (8:20 am-2: 45 pm) event which also includes water games, inflatables, snow cones, music and more.

Field Day FAQs

What does my child wear?


  • Students should wear to school their light blue grade level shirt or a tee shirt of a similar color. Shorts and running shoes are highly encouraged, no sandals. Kindergarten will not get wet so do not need a change of clothes.

1st, 4th and 5th grades:

  • Send students with a complete change of clothes, (including socks and shoes), labeled, in a plastic bag. They will get wet! Please do not send children in white t-shirts or sandals.  Pack your grade level shirt or a tee shirt of a similar color. These grades have water games early in the day, this way they can change into their grade specific shirt afterward.

2nd and 3rd grades:

  • Students should wear their grade level shirts or a tee shirt of a similar color to school, they will do water games later in the day. Send students with a complete change of clothes, (including socks and shoes), labeled, in a plastic bag to change in to after water games. Shorts and running shoes are highly encouraged, no sandals.

What should I send with my child to school?

  • Send a labeled towel to dry off (not Kindergarten).
  • Send a small blanket or towel to sit on during lunch.
  • Bring a labeled bottle of water with their name on it. They will need to stay hydrated during the games! Gatorade will not be provided per FBISD policy but you can send with your student if you so choose.
  • Don’t forget to put on sunscreen and if needed bug spray before school!
  • Pack a lunch for your child, they will have a picnic in their POD. The cafeteria will not serve hot lunches on Field Day. You will have the option to order a sack lunch if you do not want to send one.
  • All students will be provided water and snacks (popcorn or pretzels, tangerine) or you can pack a snack for your child.

How do I get a Field Day shirt?

You can order, a grade level specific colored tee shirt using the link below. If you are not able to purchase or get a size that works, your student may wear a shirt of a similar color for their specific grade (see pictures below).


Who can come to Field Day?

Any parent/grandparent/guardian may attend Field Day as long as they have signed up to volunteer and have an approved FBISD criminal background check. No younger siblings will be allowed for safety reasons. Use this link to complete your background check. NO VISITORS ALLOWED.

What are the Field Day activities?

For grades, 1st-5th, the Field Day activities are divided into seven stations which each grade rotates to throughout the day. Kindergarten will not visit the yellow and pink stations. The stations are as following:

Blue (outside) – Snow cones, DJ and hula hoops

Green (outside) – Inflatables, aka bounce houses, Critter Relay

Orange (outside) – Capture the Flag, Sack Relay

Pink (outside) – Obstacle Course, Tug-O-War

Yellow (outside) – Water games

Black (inside gym/cafeteria) – Cup/Bucket Stacking, Bowling, Scooter Relay

Purple (inside classrooms) – show & snack

How can I volunteer to help and/or donate?

An event this large needs LOTS of help in order to make it successful. Please note that May 3rd is the scheduled date but in case of bad weather, May 17th will be the back-up. If possible, please hold the time on both days since any weather delays will be on short notice.

·      Please sign-up to work a game or support a station time slot (or 2!) using the link below. The time slots are very short to allow you the opportunity to spend quality outdoor time with your child.

·      The backbone of any successful event is the preparation that goes into it!  That being said, we need help packing snacks and setting up on Thursday, May 2nd.

Link coming in April

·      The majority of Field Day equipment is provided by the school or PTA funding. However, there are items that you can donate to help make the day more fun. Please see link below.